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Bacon Wrapped Sweet and Spicy Lil’ Smokies | Party Appetizer

Today I offer up part 1 of my 5 part Appitizer Series! Bacon Wrapped Sweet and Spicy Lil’ Smokies!

#Stayhome #withme

This is a quick and easy app that will impress ...
anyone and everyone! You can never go wrong with pork wrapped in pork and some sweet heat!

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-Jalapinos, seeded and julianed.
-Lil’ Smokies Sauages.
-Cup of Brown Sugar.
-Black Pepper.
-Red Pepper Flakes.
-Wood toothpicks - soaked in water for 30 min.


-Cut the pack of bacon in half.
-Mix the peppers with the brown sugar.
-Wrap the smokey with a piece of the jalapino in slice of bacon. Put toothpick through it to hold it.
-Add to a tin foil covered baking sheet and cover each piece with brown sugar mix.
-Cook at 325 for 40 minutes. Let cool for a couple mins.
-Remove toothpicks and enjoy!

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