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I have always loved to BBQ and cook at home for BBQ’s with family or 4th of July parties with friends. lets admit it, when people have a gathering everyone always gathers around the kitchen because people love to share food and good company. In early 2018 I decided it would be fun to start a YouTube channel to post some of my recipes, have a hobby and meet new friends. What started as something just fun quickly introduced me into community of other home cooks and BBQ channels. Since joining this amazing community I have traveled from my home in Southern California to Texas all the way to the other side of the united states to New Hampshire to meet some of the people in this amazing community that now feel like my extended cooking family. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow my blog and newsletter so you can be part of my extended family too.

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“Five Stars!”

CJ is very personable, genuine and easy to understand. He also really likes what he’s doing which gives me courage to try things. I get the feeling I can trust what he says.
Judy Pernick

He is a realist when it comes to making food. He makes things easy and fun.
Deborah J McCulloch

CJ’s cooking from the heart. You can tell it’s truly a passion. Keep it up!
John Maguire

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