Why an instant read thermometer is the most important tool in your cooking arsenal!

I have to tell you when I first started out on my cooking journey, I had no clue instant read thermometers existed. As I grew in my culinary journey, I learned that having one improved my cooking and BBQ game to heights I had only hoped for.

“How long does (protein) take…?” Chicken, Steak, Pork, etc…

This is the number one question I get in my YouTube videos. And seriously one of the most frustrating to answer… There are too many factors in any given cook to give an accurate time! How hot your ker gets, even if the cooking temp is set to a specific temp? What elevation are you cooking at? How much humidity is in the air? How big is the protein you are cooking? And so much more…

Each time I get that question, I take a deep breath and give them my standard answer… “Cook to internal temperatures…”

Whether I’m cooking in my Ninja Foodi Grill, or out on my big offset smoker, I use my instant read thermometers to make sure I’m cooking my proteins to perfection! I basically use the USDA internal temperature guidelines for doneness on my proteins, and I’d suggest the same to you.

So, if you get anything out of my cooking videos, Blogs, social media posts… I hope it starts with you getting your own instant read thermometer. You can thank me later!

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