Me and my Cookbooks

On this blog post, I want to talk about why I decided to put out my eCookbooks. The first thing people might think, would be I do it for money, a little extra income. And I would say to those people…. you are correct! Have you seen gas prices these days!!

BUT… There is more to it than just the extra income. I’ve been making YouTube cooking videos over 4 years now. And one of the most asked questions in my comments is “where can I print out this recipe”? I’ve always that as odd, because I was literally demonstrating the recipe for you right there on screen. But the more and more I thought about it, I realized that it is tough to follow along with a video and
cook at the same time. Having it down on paper, step by step, is a lot easier for some people.

And I’ve noticed that even when I watch a YouTube video for instruction, even I tend to write the steps down. It dawned on me that making these eCookbooks for my followers is an inexpensive way to help get my recipes down on paper. I provide the ingredients list and the steps for some of my most popular recipes to make it easier for those who do not want to try to follow along with the video.

I’m not changing the world with these eCookbooks, but if I can make things easier for my followers, I’m more than happy to continue to publish them.