Air Fried Donuts

We’re air frying donuts! We’re used some amazing, sweet seasoning and some chocolate drizzle on top to take these donuts to the next level!


  • Tube of Grands buttermilk biscuits.
  • Stick of butter.
  • Cinnamon / Sugar mix.
  • Chocolate melts.


  • Open biscuit tube and separate all of the biscuits.
  • Using any cylinder less than an inch or so wide, press out the middles of the biscuits to make the donut
  • Heat your air fryer to 325F.
  • Place the biscuits in the air fryer and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until the donuts are golden brown and
    cooked through.
  • Melt the stick of butter and chocolate in separate bowls in the microwave.
  • Add your cinnamon sugar mix to a plate.
  • Coat the donut into the butter, then roll into the cinnamon sugar mix and coat the donut thoroughly.
  • Drizzle the melted chocolate over the donuts.
  • Enjoy!

For the video recipe and instruction: